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The elegant, rich glow and depth of color found in glass is utterly matchless. Beyond its unsurpassed beauty, glass is a versatile, hygienic, and sustainable material as well.


Specialties: Features an online custom blend or gradient tool for creative mosaic options. Large selection of colorways and a stunning Antique Mirror collection.

Pricing: Mid-Range to Luxury Options

In-stock items generally ship in 2 - 4 weeks, other items will generally ship in 6 - 12 weeks.

"The Advantages of Glass:

As a non-porous surface, glass inhibits mold, mildew, and bacteria, and is considered a hypoallergenic material. Glass is impervious to moisture and unaffected by UV rays so it won’t stain from spills or fade from exposure to sunlight. Glass  is easy to maintain. Grime, grease, splashes, and fingerprints are a breeze to wipe clean. While glass is also chemical resistant, we  recommend OceanCare products to keep your glass tile looking its best."

Available Series

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