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Uncompromising Beauty


Specialties: Handmade southwest-style glazed ceramics are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring a unique selection of moldings and decos.

Pricing: Luxury Options

Samples can generally arrive in 1 week. Other items generally take 18 - 19 weeks.

"Syzygy Tile is crafted, by hand by our talented staff in Silver City, New Mexico. Every tile is made to order, bringing a bespoke level of care to each tile. We believe that by creating beautiful tile we are enhancing the lives of everyone that comes into contact with it. Our goal is to produce tiles that are beautiful, environmentally sound  and that will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically. Syzygy was founded in 1993 and is under the leadership of Josh and Carolyn White."

Available Series

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