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Porcelain Tile
Chromatic nuances and fragments of aggregates create Cement Block’s identity. With more subtlety and smoothness, this new material brings the versatility of the cement and the refreshing air of pastel tones to the floor, to the wall, to the entire house. The democratic 32×32 format reinforces a versatile personality to Cement Block.

Cement Block

PriceFrom $4.71
1 Square foot
  • Artisan Brick White

    Artisan Brick Ardesia

    Artisan Brick Smoke

    Artisan Brick Aquamarine

    Artisan Brick Denim

    Artisan Brick Blush

    Zigzag White

    Zigzag Ardesia

    Zigzag Smoke

    Zigzag Aquamarine

    Zigzag Denim

    Zigzag Blush






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