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Polished Porcelain Slabs

Agata Maximum is the product of the combination of Maximum technology and the expertise built up in the development of sophisticated surfaces. This collection of maxi-gems in porcelain stoneware has a strong decorative effect.

Irregular and concentric shaping filled with contrast and shading gives the slab a sense of depth and recreates the translucent effect typical of agate.

There are three colours available, Agata Black, Agata Atena and Agata Blu, showcasing the dominant shades of black, brown/orange and blue respectively.

The expressive power of Agata Maximum makes it the ideal choice both to bring personality and creativity to a room and to create stunning furniture and decorative features.

Maximum Agata

1 Square foot
  • Agata Atena

    Agata Black

    Agata Blu

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